No matter where you live, you’ll probably run into nuisance wildlife at some point in time. Even in urban areas, you may need local animal control help. This is especially true when it comes to raccoons. These little bandits can often be found in cities and suburbs, and cute as they may be, they can also be a heap of trouble. Here are just three of the most common raccoon complaints we hear from homeowners.

Raccoons in the attic

One of the more common raccoon complaints we receive is that these creatures have taken refuge in someone’s attic or crawl space. In most cases, this will occur when a mother raccoon is about to give birth to a litter. You’ll probably know you have raccoons in your attic if you hear scratching, thumping, chirps, or other noises in your ceiling or another hidden area of the house, especially at night when they’re most active. And if there are babies up there, you might hear their whines and cries. Because raccoons are excellent climbers, they can easily make their way into almost any attic in existence — especially if there’s an obvious vulnerability or trees nearby. That’s why you should keep surrounding tree limbs trimmed back at least six to eight feet from your roof. But if a raccoon has already made its way inside, you need to call a professional to determine if there’s a litter of babies and remove them safely. Your pest control professional can also show you the point of entry, which you’ll need to seal after the animals are removed.

Raccoons in swimming pool

It might surprise you to learn that raccoons actually love the water. While their swimming and washing can be pretty adorable, when they do it in your pool, it’s anything but. Not only does their mere presence pose a health hazard to human swimmers, but this is made worse by the fact that raccoons like to defecate in swimming pools, too. You might try keeping raccoons away from your pool is to cut off nighttime access to your pool steps, but since raccoons are quite clever, this might not always be effective. The best way to keep the offenders out? Trap and relocate. Be sure to call a professional who will handle this problem in a humane way.

Raccoons in trash cans

This may seem cliche, but it’s true: raccoons love to forage in your garbage bins! It’s probably one of the most common raccoon complaints there is. Fortunately, this isn’t as serious as a raccoon family making your home their own. There are some methods to deter raccoons from getting into your trash. You can secure your garbage can lids with bungee cords or locks, keep your cans in the garage until garbage day, or use lights or sound (like string lights or a portable radio) to keep them away. You can also sprinkle garbage bags with a little bit of ammonia. If you continue to have a persistent raccoon problem after trying these methods — or the issue just gets worse — call in the professionals.

These common raccoon complaints can keep you from fully enjoying your home and can be a potential health concern. If you have a suspicion you’re dealing with a raccoon infestation, you should call a raccoon removal service immediately.

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