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Wildlife in Chimneys

Raccoon Chimney


Are you hearing chirping, scratching, banging or flapping in your chimney?

Chimneys provide a comfortable den site for some wildlife species, particularly raccoons and squirrels. In other cases chimneys act as a pitfall trap when animals fall into them and can’t climb or fly out. For raccoons a chimney represents one of their natural den sites, a hollow tree. They are able to scale the inside of a smooth chimney flue up and down, backwards and forwards.

Squirrels have been known to build nests in in flues. This will result in the blockage of the flow of smoke and combustion gasses. If the nest falls down the flue the squirrels will be trapped at the bottom or if the fireplace or furnace are open to the inside they will end up in the living space of your home.

Animal Control Specialists, Inc. has removed a variety of animals from chimneys over the years. These include raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels, bats and birds. Some of the species of birds include starlings, sparrows, pigeons, Wood Ducks, owls and hawks.

There is one species of bird that has the ability to fly straight up and therefore can nest in the chimney. The type of bird is the Chimney Swift.

There are other styles of chimneys aside from the traditional masonry chimney with clay tile flue. One of these that introduces a different set of problems is the prefabricated metal or wood housing type of chimney. These can become a bird house, a pathway for wildlife to access the attic or a trap when birds and squirrels fall into them.

Animals left unabated can introduce fleas to your home, cause broken flue tiles, odor from urine and droppings and if stuck the odor from decay and a explosion of flies in your home.

As always Animal Control Specialists, Inc has the knowledge, experience and equipment to safely remove any wildlife that using your chimney. We also install professional chimney caps and screens to guarantee you will not have a problem again.

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