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We've merged with
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Mice Removal / Mice Control

Why are there mice in my house?

Mice are relentless.  They will climb walls, walk across beams, swim through your sewer system simply to get into your home.  The task of keeping mice out of your home is not a simple one.

When a mouse is in search of food, warmth or a safe place they will do almost anything to achieve this.If you are having an issue with mice around your home, then contact Animal Control Specialists who can help remove the current rodents and prevent a return infestation.

What should you do now?

Mice can survive for 1 year to 18 months given the right environmental factors, and all the time multiplying in numbers. Don’t try dealing with mouse or rodent infestations on your own. Contact Animal Control Specialists today for a property inspection and mouse control solution.

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