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We've merged with
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Animal Control For Burrowing Wildlife


That hole wasn’t there yesterday!

Many of the wildlife species in our area create den sites by burrowing under structures. These include raccoons, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, rabbits, chipmunks, and coyotes. Decks, sheds, porches, stoops, hot tubs and foundations are all areas that these animals like to call home. The removal of the supportive material can undermine the structure and cause cracking and settling. Burrows along the foundation can create drainage issues that could result in water leaks in your basement.

If you have ever been awakened by the overpowering odor of skunk, it is likely that a burrow will be found under part of your home adjacent to the foundation. It is rare for an animal to gain access into the basement or crawlspace but it has been known to happen. This does require an additional structural problem with the foundation. Bay windows that overhang the foundation are the most common source of ingress into the interior.

Animal Control Specialists will trap and remove any wildlife that causes a problem and offer a long term solution for the future. As usual our policy of monitoring every trap every day means you won’t have to do the work and we will solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Occasionally an animal will perish inside its burrow. This can cause an overbearing noxious smell in your home. If the the deceased is a skunk, the odor can penetrate your entire home and will persist for weeks if not removed.

Animal Control Specialists, Inc. is very successful removing dead animals from under structures.

After the removal of the resident animals Animal Control Specialists, Inc. can install buried screening to animal proof the area.

We dig out the area of concern and install an L shaped screen into the bottom of the trench with the foot pointed outward. The screen is then anchored to the structure along the top of the screen. At this time the trench is back-filled and leveled out. Of course we use the same quality, heavy gauge, galvanized wire mesh as our other products. The screen will resist rusting or degradation and will provide many years of protection.

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