Hornets are beneficial to the environment as they prey on other insects, but they can be dangerous near homes. When the hornets believe their home is threatened, they can become aggressive and can sting. Many stings at once could lead to a life-threatening situation, especially if the person who was stung is allergic to hornets. If a nest is close to the home, homeowners can tackle the hornet nest removal on their own or contact a professional for help.

Find Out Where the Nest is and How Big it Is

The first thing to do is find out exactly where the nest is located and how big it is. If hornets have been spotted near the home, the nest is likely close by as well. Smaller nests can typically be removed by the homeowner, provided they take the proper safety precautions.

According to lifehacker.com, the risks associated with the removal of a hornet’s nest can be substantial and sometimes life threatening:

“for adults 20 and older, hornets, wasps, and bees account for around 33% of all animal-related deaths in the U.S. And many are due to allergies.”

Bigger nests have more hornets inside, so if the nest is larger than a tennis ball, it might be better to contact a professional for help. With a larger nest, the likelihood of being stung is much higher.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Professionals wear suits that cover their entire body for a reason. These suits help protect them from being stung, especially in delicate areas like their face. Homeowners who want to remove a hornet nest on their own, even if it’s a small one, should make sure they are covered completely before they begin. Heavier-weight clothes are harder for the hornets to sting through, so winter clothes are often a good choice, even if it’s hot outside. The homeowner won’t have to be in the clothes long and it’s better to have the extra weight to protect them than to risk being stung.

Removals are Easier at Night

The best time to remove the hornet’s nest is at night because that’s when they’re less active. Almost all of the hornets are going to be in the nest for the night, making it more likely the homeowner can kill all of them at once and prevent another nest from appearing. Since hornet nests are made from a paper-like material, the homeowner can soak the entire nest to kill all of the hornets at one time.

Use the Right Insecticide Spray

In most cases, the easiest method for removing a hornets nest is using an insecticide spray. However, they are not all the same. One that’s designed to kill roaches, for instance, might not immediately kill hornets. The homeowner should look for an insecticide spray that’s designed for hornets and that’s designed to kill them on contact. It’s also a good idea to choose a spray that has a longer reach. If it can reach up to 15 feet, the homeowner can spray from much further away and reduce the chance of a hornet stinging them. The homeowner should thoroughly soak the nest as well as spray any hornets who come out of the nest to try to protect it.

Remove the Nest Itself

Once the nest is soaked and the hornets are killed, the homeowner can remove the nest itself. This must be done to prevent more hornets from moving into the nest once the spray has dissipated. Use a heavy-duty trash bag to pull the nest off whatever it’s attached to, then carefully close the bag and ensure it’s as secure as possible. Then, dispose of the trash bag quickly. After the nest is completely removed, clean the area with soap and water. This helps remove trace scents of the hornet that could attract another colony.

When to Contact a Professional for Help

While it might seem a little odd, the biggest part of knowing how to remove a hornet’s nest is knowing when to call a professional for help. Many people might try to tackle the nest on their own to save money, but it could be dangerous. If the homeowner is allergic to hornets or if the nest is too large, calling a professional is a much better plan.

Most homeowners will want to go ahead and call a professional if the nest is larger than a tennis ball as this means there is a significant number of hornets living in the nest. The professionals have the right equipment to quickly and easily remove the entire nest. They will make sure the homeowner and their family are safe during the removal and will ensure all of the hornets are removed from the home.

If you’ve noticed hornets near your home, you might need to find and remove the nest. Always take precautions as hornets can be incredibly dangerous, especially if someone is allergic to them. Contact a professional today for Hornet Nest Removal and Tips to help you remove the nest on your own or to get help if you discover a large nest near your home. They can make sure all of the hornets are removed, no matter how large the nest might be, to protect you and your family.


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