Mice often move into a home searching for shelter, warmth, or food. Once inside, mice can reproduce quickly, which means that most homeowners will be actively searching for the answer to how to get rid of mice infestation fast.

If mice take up residence in your home, they can cause damage and spread disease.  Also, mice are going to leave traces of their presence, and these often contain viruses and bacteria that are harmful to people and pets.  For those who need tips dealing with mice infestation, keep reading.  Some helpful tips can be found below.

How Do Mice Get Inside?

People often ask us how a mice infestation happens.  The truth is that mice can get in through tiny, tight spaces because they are so small.  Cracks that are as small as a quarter of an inch should be sealed.  Mice also love attics, and can often go unnoticed and cause extensive damage.  It is necessary to get to know the most common mice infestation signs and what locations mice prefer.  With this information, it is possible to combat the problem.  

Get a Cat

If no one in the house has an allergy to cats, getting one may be the best way to eliminate a mouse problem.  If a cat is not an option, purchase cat litter and put it in the locations where mice are most commonly found.  This will serve as a deterrent.  Make sure that the cat litter stays out of reach of any children or other pets.

Consider Using Essential Oils

Clove oil and peppermint oil are effective at repelling mice.  To use these oils, saturate cotton balls with the essential oils and then place them in a location that will attract mice, such as home entryways, cupboards, and drawers.  While the smell will not eliminate mice alone, it can complement some of the other methods on this list.

Use Humane Traps

A humane trap will catch the mice and keep them alive, which lets them be released in the wilderness.  Put traps in parts of the home that are most frequented by the mice and be sure to check them daily.  Usually, mice will come out and search for food at night.  Some of the foods that will attract mice to the traps include buttered popcorn, cheese, and peanut butter.

Make sure that, when the mice are released, they are let go a minimum of a mile from the house.  Also, release them in an area that is not inhabited by other people.  Never touch mice directly. This will help ensure that potential diseases are avoided.

Consider Using a Hot Pepper Solution

While poison may seem like a viable option, it also presents a risk.  Poison could make kids or pets ill.  A better option is to use hot pepper. This is a nonpoisonous option.

Call a Pest Control Specialists

A pest control specialist can handle your mice issue and ensure that proper mice control steps are taken to make sure they do not return.  Keep this in mind to ensure that mice are eliminated for good and that they never come back.

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