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Lawn and Garden Damage

Mole mound

Does your lawn look like a rototiller was used on it last night?

Are you tired of working on your garden just so the local wildlife can eat healthy?

Wildlife is Destroying My Lawn

The cruel reality of wildlife damage to lawns and gardens is that it usually happens to people that care the most. The reason wildlife is attracted to your turf or garden is because of the time and effort you have put into them. A well watered and fertilized lawn creates the ideal conditions for grubs and worms. These provide a protein rich food source for skunks, raccoons and opossums.  Canadian Geese are known to have voracious appetites.

I Have Grubs!

Grubs, in particular, are the actual problem. They will cause the grass to die by chewing off the roots of the grass. The animals make it look bad by tearing it up. Animal Control Specialists, Inc. recommends treating the problem with grub control insecticides for a long-term solution and trapping the offending animals while waiting for the treatment to take effect.

Freshly laid sod can be covered with wire mesh and staked down until it has a chance to root down. While effective, it can be impractical for large areas. Trapping can be very effective in alleviating the damage.

Wild Animals are Eating my Garden

Growing your own vegetables is a very satisfying endeavor. It is very frustrating to find your garden destroyed by wildlife. You can spend weeks tending to your plants only to find it disappear in a matter of hours. Vegetarians (herbivores) ,such as rabbits and groundhogs, will eat their fill. Other omnivores, such as raccoons, skunks and opossums, also find fresh fruit and vegetables to their liking. As always, a physical barrier of fencing is the best protection. Determined animals may find a way over, under or through the fencing. Trapping or electric fencing could be the best solution. Call us for a quote.

Bushes, shrubs and ground cover are also frequently damaged by wildlife. Voles and rabbits will eat the bark during long periods of of deep snow cover. Vole damage to your lawn will become apparent when their snaking trails are discovered after the snow melts.

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