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Wildlife in Attics…

Townsend's Big-eared Bat

Flying Squirrels

Do you have an uninvited guest in your home?

Are you hearing scratching, walking, thumping or the sounds of animals bowling with acorns?

What is it and how did it get in?

Many different species of wildlife find the attics and roof spaces of buildings to be ideally suited as a den site. The benefits of living in an attic include protection from weather and predators. Some of the species that are commonly found in Northeastern Illinois attics include: raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels, birds, bats, mice, opossums, bees, wasps and hornets. If an animal is able to climb or fly to the upper levels of your home there is a potential for them to figure out a way in. Entry points are as varied as the habits of these different species.

Wildlife will cause damage to the exterior and interior of the building while gaining access and residing inside. The damage by the animals is often worsened by water that finds its way in to same openings. Damage to the attic insulation also results from their presence.

Some of the places that are used to enter include: attic fans, attic vents, eave dormers, chimneys, holes in roofs, soffits, fascias and walls. Some of the openings are simply gaps left by contractors. Some are ventilation products that are not built in a way to prevent opportunistic wildlife from exploiting. In other cases openings are created by the animals themselves by chewing, clawing and tearing. Animal Control Specialists, Inc. will inspect your home, remove the resident animals and install guaranteed barriers to prevent a re-occurrence of future problems.

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