Discovering that you have pests in your home can be unnerving. Sometimes, in their haste to remove these intruders, homeowners will make errors that could harm the animals or create even worse problems in the long term. That’s why if you are in need of pest control, you should hire wildlife removal services. Here are just three of the mistakes that you should avoid when dealing with unwelcome nuisance wildlife:

When dealing with household pests, don’t…

  • Try to catch them yourself:  The term “wildlife” is not a misnomer! These animals are unpredictable, and just because they’re fuzzy and look cute does not mean that they’re harmless. They aren’t domesticated, so they won’t understand that you don’t mean them harm. If you spot a squirrel, raccoon, skunk, chipmunk, opossum, or any other type of animal in your home, do not attempt to touch it. When animals become stressed, they often get aggressive. Don’t risk an animal attack. If you see such an animal around your home that’s acting strangely, you should call animal control. And if you find any sort of creature in your home, call a wildlife removal specialist.
  • Seal off their point of entry:  Instinctively, you might think that if you see an animal exit your home, you should seal up the hole so they can’t get back in. But if you’re dealing with a mother squirrel, skunk, or raccoon, doing this may create a huge problem. Squirrels have litters twice a year, with very few months in between breeding seasons. And while raccoons give birth only once a year, they usually make their nests at the last minute, which makes homes and other buildings seem very attractive for this purpose. Animal exclusion barriers can keep animals from burrowing under your house or deck, but if they’ve already gotten in, don’t seal up the hole after the fact. This could end up killing these baby animals. Instead, call an expert to assess the situation.
  • Trap and relocate them:  A lot of homeowners think that trapping an animal and relocating it is a humane action, but the opposite is actually true. When you bring a wild animal to an unfamiliar environment, it’s not that likely to survive, much less thrive. Plus, this doesn’t actually fix the problem and other creatures can still potentially find their way inside your home. It’s much better to use a pest control professional to remove them and add features like animal exclusion barriers to ensure the issue won’t keep happening.

Whether you need squirrel, skunk, or opossum removal or want to find out more about our animal exclusion barriers, we’re here to help keep animals outside where they belong. To set up an appointment, contact Animal Control Specialists today.

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