When a person smells skunk for the first time, they never forget the smell. This pungent, oily spray clings to every surface it touches and ends up causing a terrible smell that burns the eyes and nostrils and even makes individuals feel nauseated. It is important dog owners know What to do if dog gets sprayed by skunk so they can get rid of the smell as soon as possible.

Curious Dogs Often Get Sprayed by Skunks

Skunks can be found almost anywhere in the country. Unfortunately, dogs can often get curious when they see these unusual animals, leading to a spraying. When a dog gets sprayed, owners often panic because they are not sure how to get rid of the pungent odor.

Regrettably, a normal bath simply will not do for such a noxious odor. With these steps, owners will know the exact steps they need to take, should their furry friend get into a tussle with a skunk.

The first step a dog owner needs to take is to make sure they do not panic or become overly angry with their dog. It is fairly easy to become overwhelmed when a dog smells like the dead but getting overly upset will cause a dog to become too upset which could make them anxious during the bathing process. It is a wise idea to keep the dog outside so the inside of the home does not become a smelly mess.

Recipe For Removing Skunk Odors From Dogs

When it comes to removing skunk odors, there are three ingredients that seem to work really well. These three ingredients need to be mixed together and then the dog should be washed with this mixture as soon as possible after they are sprayed so the skunk spray does not have long to penetrate into the skin and cause lasting odors. The formula for this natural treatment is:

  • One quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • One teaspoon dishwashing liquid

How to Get Started

It is important a person wears gloves when washing their smelly dog or the skunk smell could get on their hands and be difficult to remove. It is helpful to put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all over the dog, rubbing it into the coat and making sure it is well penetrated. It is important the mixture is immediately rinsed from the fur so no bleaching occurs.

Once the dog has been thoroughly rinsed, they should be washed with dog shampoo and then dried. It is important to make sure the dog is carefully dried and placed in a warm location to keep them comfortable.

These tips will help if a skunk sprays your dog and the smell is unbearable. The three ingredients work well together to break down the chemicals in the skunk spray and lessen its potency so it can be washed away.

When you react quickly and use the recipe above, skunk odors can be removed so your dog and you are no longer suffering. The key is not to panic and take time in the washing process.

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