While the majority of people are not intimately familiar with their fireplace or the features of their chimney, this is an important part of their home. Cleaning it annually is a good idea; however, there is another way to protect it and minimize damages – by installing a chimney screen. Some of the benefits of installing a chimney screen can be found here.

Keep Animals Away

Many animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, and birds can try to make a home in a chimney. In some situations, the critters will get into the chimney but won’t be able to find their way out. When this happens, they may die, which can attract flies, maggots and create unpleasant odors in the home. A great way to prevent this issue is by installing a chimney bird screen. Having the professionals install this will ensure the proper size is selected and that no animals will be able to enter.

Block Downdrafts

If the wind starts to blow hard in a specific direction, it may introduce a downdraft. If there is no chimney screen installed, and a wood burning fireplace is being used, the wind caused downdraft may blow smoke into the home. The majority of chimney screens have a flat top, which means they can help prevent any type of wind caused downdraft.

Prevent the Build Up of Debris

As mentioned before, it is completely possible to keep birds out with chimney screens; however, there are other things they can keep at bay, as well. A properly installed screen can also help to keep twigs, branches, leaves and other types of debris out of the chimney. If these items are allowed to build up inside a chimney, they can result in a fire starting and even result in a house fire. This is all preventable with a chimney screen.

Why Hire the Professionals for Installation?

When it comes to chimney screen installation, it is best to leave the job to the professionals. If a homeowner wants to reap all the benefits that are highlighted here, then the professionals should be hired. They will install the right size and ensure it is working properly.

Additional information about chimney screens is available but as anyone can see, the benefits are vast. Protecting the home and integrity of the chimney is simple with this piece of equipment. Being informed can help a homeowner see why installing this is such a good idea.

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