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 Illinois Wildlife Control Operators Association (IWCOA)

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The cycle of life continues.

If you are hearing chirping sounds (create link to raccoon baby recording) in your attic, walls or fireplace in the month of April you probably have a litter of raccoons. Raccoons have an average litter size of 3-5, with a range of 1-8.

It is too early for baby birds. We take many calls for smoke detector low battery chirp, so check it first.

Squirrel young don’t make much noise at this time, only the sounds of the mother squirrel preparing the nest and traveling in and out will make you aware of their presence. Squirrels have an average litter size of 2-5, with a range of 1-6.

If you suspect you have a litter of young try to pinpoint their location to aid in their timely removal.

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What We Do...

Animal Control Specialists, Inc. is a wildlife damage control company. We specialize in humane solutions to nuisance, urban wildlife problems. In addition to Bees, Wasps & Hornets, some of the wild animals that we control include;

Other Services include...

  • Comprehensive inspections.
  • Identifying the type of animal that is causing the problem.
  • Identifying current and potential entry points or damage to property and close all openings.
  • Recommend short and long-term solutions to the problem.
  • Setting the appropriate trap(s) or cage(s) to remove problem animals when necessary.
  • Monitoring all traps once every calendar day.
  • 24 hour emergency and same day service.

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