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Mud Dauber Nest Removal

mud dauber


Mud daubers are a solitary wasp belonging to the Family Sphecidae. Each nest is constructed by an individual queen and they do not live in colonies. They construct their nests out of mud. They can be seen at the edges of puddles in the summer gathering the materials to make their nests. They will build their nests, on exterior walls or stuck to rafters in attics and sheds. Mud daubers typically prey on spiders. They will sting and capture a spider and deposit it in a cell made of mud. They then lay an egg inside the cell and seal the cavity. The larvae will eat the spider prior to metamorphosing into an adult and chewing its way out of the mud nest. Entomologists can determine what species of spiders exist in a given area by examining the contents of mud dauber nests.

Similar to most solitary wasps, mud daubers rarely sting. Caution should still be exhibited when approaching their nests.

While they are solitary in their nest building, many individuals can inhabit an area over time. Treatment and removal of mud dauber nests will reduce the numbers nesting in and around buildings. Contact Us for Mud Dauber nest removal.

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