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Bumble Bee Removal

bumble bee control

(Bombus Spp.)

Bumble bees (Bombus spp.) are social insects that generally nest underground or in/under a structure. Their nests are not very well organized and are not made of paper like wasp nests. They can be found in debris such as mouse nests, leaf piles and insulation. The hives look like a pile of fibrous, waxy balls. They make a form of honey that is used by the larvae and pupae as a source of nutrition. We commonly find them under concrete stoops, patios, a/c pads and entering attics and walls through gaps in the structure.

Bumble bees are usually not aggressive but will defend their nest by stinging if they feel threatened. Once they decide you are threat, they will persistently chase the intruder for a long distance. They are important as pollinators.

Bumble bees can be very difficult to remove. We often use creative ways to eliminate a colony when called upon to do so as part of our bumble bee removal service. In addition to treatment with pesticides, we will physically capture the workers. Whenever possible we will attempt to remove the hive, if accessible.

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