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vernon hills skunk removalVernon Hills has been overrun with skunks this year.  Fortunately, Vernon Hills recently launched a Skunk Removal and Assistance Program for Vernon Hills homeowners.  The goal is to reduce the overall skunk population in the village.  The Program is currently offering financial reimbursement to homeowners who choose to remove skunks from their properties.  In order to qualify for reimbursement you need to a licensed wildlife control company such as Animal Control Specialists.  More details about the Vernon Hills Skunk Removal Program can be found here.

Do you suspect you have skunks nearby? Skunks can easily be identified by the white stripes running along their body.  The odor that’s emitted when a skunk sprays can be extremely strong and uncomfortable.  If you see a skunk on or near your property you need to call Animal Control Specialists immediately.  Skunks can make their home under your house or deck.  When startled they can spray you or your pets.  The odor can be extremely difficult to remove.

Animal Control Specialists, Inc. is a Vernon Hills, IL Animal Control Company. We specialize in humane solutions to nuisance, urban wildlife problems.

Prevent damage to your home and property that can be caused by skunks. In addition to our Vernon Hills Skunk Removal Services, we install barrier solutions such as deck screens to prevent future skunk problems.  Visit our skunk removal page for more information about skunks.

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